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Areas of Expertise

We’ve built a solid reputation as agents of change in workforce development, addressing a wide range of issues with care and commitment that is firmly grounded in nationally-recognized best practices. Our team is rooted in decades of direct service experience prior to consulting. We build our knowledge of best practices by staying connected to innovators in the field, working collaboratively with community, and placing a priority on equity and evidence-based research to inform practice.

We serve as intermediaries, building partnerships, coordinating, coaching, planning, and facilitating peer-led trainings and capacity building for line staff, managers, executives, and agencies at the local, state, and national level.


Business Intermediaries
Multi-Sector Collaboratives
Workforce Boards

Community Colleges
Public Policy & Research Organizations

School Districts
Government: City, County and State

Workforce Development & Economic Security

We provide technical assistance to both the public and private sectors supporting employment initiatives that place individuals in career track employment and build economic security. We have extensive experience working with WIOA funded initiatives and state and local workforce boards. We believe that individuals with barriers to employment  and members of vulnerable communities can move towards economic security and upward mobility when they are supported to develop marketable skills and access to family sustaining employment opportunities.


Our team works to support K-12 school districts, community based organizations partnering with schools and with community colleges. Our expertise focuses on career & technical education, career pathways, work-based learning initiatives. Our focus is on helping individuals often marginalized in the school system to access marketable career and technical education and work-based learning experiences. These early experiences inspire young people to see their future selves as successful, powerful and capable of pursuing their career and educational goals.

Children, Youth and Families

Pathways Consultants has 25+ years of experience running programs for urban youth ages 13-24. We are dedicated to increasing the impact of the field for youth development via capacity building and research for both funders and service providers. We have experience working directly with youth and youth workforce service providers who serve the following populations of youth: out of school, in school, juvenile justice involved, mental health involved, homeless, runaway, foster youth, at-risk, and thriving youth and their families. In addition, we have a proven track record of providing a full complement of consulting services nationally to youth-serving agencies and philanthropy to improve education and workforce outcomes. We also continue to run youth workforce programs in addition to providing consulting services.

Technology - CareerHubUS.com

Pathways Consultants are leaders in integrating technology in the workforce development. We are the founders of a communication platform, CareerHub, designed for service providers to communicate more effectively and engage clients more easily. We train across the country on how to leverage virtual services (coaching, case management, referrals, resources, reminders, announcements, etc) to improve client outcomes and collect better data. Our vision is to help workforce development and educational institutions to leverage technology to improve client engagement and be more effective and efficient when working with their students and clients.

“We would have been stuck in research-mode and potentially re-creating work that has already been done. Pathways Consultants helped us cut to the chase, sharing knowledge from the field that we otherwise would have struggled to get. This helped us move forward with the most up-to-date information and context about the workforce development field and how our project fits in.”

Workforce Accelerator Fund Grantee