Pathways Consultants meets you at the intersection of systems change, connecting workforce professionals, organizations, and funders to tackle the ‘real story’ behind the complexities of impactful programming.

When you partner with Pathways Consultants, you get a dedicated team of experts who are in service to, and partner with, communities historically on the periphery of the most fundamental economic opportunities. Our team is fueled by a vision in which all people have full access to and full participation in the institutions and centers of power that drive the economy and which feed our families, communities and hearts.

We are rooted in the San Francisco Bay Area and work with grassroots nonprofits throughout the region and country. We help you bridge the sometimes uncomfortable divide between funder and community. We bring people together to facilitate informed programming, training, and decision-making that gets to the root of social change. 

“Pathways has been really valuable to us in planning how to expand our impact in East Contra Costa County. They are excellent facilitators with deep practical experience helping clients like ours succeed. They’ve given us access to the collective experience of a broad range of high-performing organizations working toward the same goals.”
Nonprofit Executive Director