Pathways Consultants offers a solutions-oriented approach to help organizations create effective, high-impact programming. We work alongside you to craft customizable and comprehensive strategy development, capacity building and program design. Contact us to learn how Pathways can help you achieve a caring and productive work environment focused on client success.

Strategy Formation

Whether you are growing, merging or looking to clarify your purpose, Pathways Consultants supports you and your organization utilizing the approaches and tools that best meet your current and future needs. Effective organizations and programs are rooted in a clear picture of the change you want to achieve and the key activities that drive you towards success. We believe the work to achieve this clarity doesn’t need to be costly or time consuming. We specialize in helping organizations small and large, government and nonprofit, build powerful frameworks (Theories of Change and Logic Models, for example) to guide program planning, implementation and evaluation.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Pathways Consultants works alongside staff to build infrastructure and capacity to better serve clients. We help your organization incorporate best-practices in a variety of areas including management, human resources, organizational development, communication, assessment, and more. Our expertise includes workforce development, youth development, K–12 after school programming, Career and Technical Education (CTE), Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and more.

Training and Professional Development

We offer engaging, results-oriented professional development workshops for K–12, community college, youth and workforce development organizations. Pathways Consultants utilizes the latest research and trends in education, youth development, and workforce development. Our cutting-edge, interactive workshops give executive-level staff, managers, and direct service staff in-depth knowledge and actionable tools for skilled program implementation.

Program Planning & Project Management

We guide you step-by-step through program design and development to help lay the essential groundwork for successful outcomes. Our on-the-ground expertise in managing and supporting highly effective workforce development, youth development and education programs will help you design and deliver programs that really work. Pathways also has extensive experience designing sequenced curriculum and trainer guides, and conducting research.

Program Assessment & Evaluation

We help you look at the numbers and clarify the results so your organization can construct a clear roadmap from where you are to where you want to be. With Pathways’ assistance, you can systematically assess program effectiveness through both qualitative and quantitative information gathering. Pathways helps organizations determine process improvements and strategically evaluate whether measurable outcomes align with intended goals.

Collaborative Building

With our deep knowledge of national and local agencies, trends, and funding sources, Pathways provides solutions-oriented, custom-designed planning and fundraising assistance. Our team thoroughly researches and identifies potential inter-agency collaborative partnerships, facilitates meetings, and assists with sustainable collaborative planning.

Coaching & Mentoring Leaders

Are you a manager or executive struggling with a demanding workload? Do you crave connection and camaraderie with your peers? We’ll work hand in hand with you to tap your existing expertise, shed light on individual and team strengths, and uncover practical solutions for your organization to thrive system-wide.

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CareerHub was created by Kim Coulthurst and Amanda Gerrie of Pathways Consultants, a workforce development consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to improve the struggles of workforce professionals to verify employment and provide meaningful retention services.

“Pathways brought critical knowledge and experience to our coaching relationship that has helped us to build out the growth of our programing in an informed way, sure to better meet the needs of the girls we serve. We’re so excited about what we have planned and hope to work with you again!”

Jessica Van Tuyl, MSW

Executive Director, Oasis For Girls