Pathways Consultants helps workforce development organizations connect the dots that lead to a clear picture of change. We use simple processes, solid partnerships, and key, evidence-based activities to offer you the following services:

  • Strategy Formation and Collaborative Building
  • Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Program Planning and Project Management
  • Research and Policy Development
  • Fund Development and Grant writing
  • Collaborative Building
  • Coaching and Mentoring Leaders

Strategy Formation and Collaborative Building

We are in service to partnership. Our team is dedicated to digging deep into the roots of social change. We know our direct service clients intimately and we serve as a conduit between funder and client. As you grow, merge, or seek to clarify your mission, we get to work collecting data and information; helping you identify needs, pain points, and measurable outcomes; guiding custom-designed planning and implementations that are straightforward and solutions-oriented. We specialize in helping organizations small and large, government and nonprofit, build powerful frameworks. Our tools include theories of change, logic model development, client-centered design and rapid problem solving and prototyping; process mapping and experience mapping and others to meet your current and future needs.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Our work is at the intersection of organizational, human, and program development at the state, national and local level. As direct-service providers ourselves, we understand the need for culturally responsive, hands-on coaching and training that incorporates best practices.  Our deeply committed coaches help youth and adult workforce development providers build key technical skills. We’ll assist you in coordinating the evaluation of technical assistance efforts, serving as technical assistance advisors and helping you plan and train on a variety of adult and youth workforce initiatives.

We have a deep love for community. Our entire team goes to work on behalf of clients to build equity, resilience, and  self sufficiency. If you are a manager or high-level executive, we work hand in hand with you to tap your existing expertise, shed light on individual and team strengths, and uncover practical solutions for your organization to thrive system-wide.


Training and Professional Development

Pathways values nuanced and informed approaches to building staff capacity that give a voice to the most marginalized while supporting sustainability. We offer cutting-edge, interactive professional development workshops based on the latest research and trends in education, youth development, and workforce development, service delivery, program design and management, diversity and inclusivity, and evaluation. Our professional learning cohorts, communities of practice and virtual affinity groups help clients address the complexities of systems change.

Program Planning & Project Management

Our on-the-ground expertise in managing and supporting highly effective workforce development, youth development and education programs will help you design and deliver programs that really work.  For students and adults who have historically been excluded from viable and sustainable career paths, we believe continuous program improvement processes are key. Through collaborative, inter-agency projects, Pathways can assist you  in constructing a clear road map from where you are to where you want to be. We systematically assess program effectiveness and have extensive experience designing sequenced curriculum and trainer guides, and conducting research. We guide you step-by-step through program design and development to help lay the essential groundwork for successful outcomes. We help you look at the numbers and clarify the results. 


Research and Policy Development

Moving more people out of poverty and connecting low-income families with economic opportunity requires targeted resources.  We work with you to analyze and produce strategic recommendations for workforce partners, business engagement strategies, reporting, and fiscal management developed in staff-led working groups and grounded in national best practices. Through a multi-layered assessment process, Pathways’ deep dives into research, gathering qualitative data and offering recommendations. Through our high-level support, our clients learn how best to support agency needs and successfully expand programming and leverage existing initiatives.

Fund Development and Grant Writing

Our clients launch and expand programs through our deep knowledge of national and local agencies, trends, and funding sources. We pair stakeholders with seasoned fundraising associates who provide prospect research, development planning, and grant proposal writing for workforce, youth development and other programs.

Collaborative Building
With our deep knowledge of national and local agencies, trends, and funding sources, Pathways provides solutions-oriented, custom-designed planning and fundraising assistance. Our team thoroughly researches and identifies potential inter-agency collaborative partnerships, facilitates meetings, and assists with sustainable collaborative planning.
Coaching & Mentoring Leaders
Are you a manager or executive struggling with a demanding workload? Do you crave connection and camaraderie with your peers? We’ll work hand in hand with you to tap your existing expertise, shed light on individual and team strengths, and uncover practical solutions for your organization to thrive system-wide.
“Pathways brought critical knowledge and experience to our coaching relationship that has helped us to build out the growth of our programing in an informed way, sure to better meet the needs of the girls we serve. We’re so excited about what we have planned and hope to work with you again!” Jessica Van Tuyl, MSW

Executive Director, Oasis For Girls